Local Government Financial Systems Consulting

Billing System Data Investigation,Verification and Clean-up

  • Assessment Rates levies checked to valuations and Rate-ability based on Rates Policy;
  • Reconcile Internal and External Valuation Roll;
  • Ensure Correct Service Charges per stand; 
  • Check Indigent accounts for correct rebates and services charges; 
  • Data Integrity checks and Data Clean-up
  • Reconcile stands on Asset register to internal and external valuation roll
  • Follow-up Incomplete Addresses
  • Ensure correct Internal Procedures being followed, for example Journal Entries.
  • Clearance Applications Procedures and Policies: Buyers information, application of section 118.
  • Credit Control procedures and policies;
  • Investigate Access Control taking into consideration job descriptions and daily tasks;
  • Follow-up on Meter exception reports and procedures.

Leave System Investigation

  • Check leave parameters
  • Financial Leave impact
  • Reporting
  • Create audit reports
  • Filter through leave history transactions
  • Spot check balances
  • Leave forfeit
  • Overtime leave
  • Comment on modules not utilized

Financial Investigation

  • Investigate formulas and parameters
  • Integration to ledger... Validation of Tax calculations
  • Validation of IT integrity
  • Removal of inactive user passwords
  • Validation of section 57—and councilors remuneration
  • Employee movements
  • Reporting
  • General payroll flow process and balancing before payments
  • 3rd party payment parameters